Thursday, 13 March 2014

My real roots

This post is to let everyone know that my real name is actually TYRONE. I have been concealing my inner afro-american basketball player with a long standing pretence of persian tradition. My ethnic perversions have always verged on the odd side of things. Every morning I white-up to come into school, I have to go to special training camps to make sure I don't grow too tall and I take special dietary complements to conceal my characteristic features, such as my huge bulging muscles. Even my accent if faked - in reality I speak with a heavy Jamaican ting. I hope that you all accept me for who I am, now that've come out of my iranian shell. I am TYRONE, always before, forever now. TYRONE! TYRONE! TYRONE!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


In the past years, we have had a taste of what books are becoming but the big question is, what will become of this and what will the future ideas be for taking more money out of our pockets! eBooks will be both a technological advancement and also a huge sector in marketing and business.

A huge advancement will be the introduction in portable library’s, i.e. the ability to borrow books for a period of time, something that Amazon’s kindle is already exploring. The Kindle Lending Library will allow over 11,000 public libraries in the US to lend copies of digital books to Kindle users for short periods of time (probably 7-14 days). Innovations of this will probably ultimately bring the extinction of the book. However this will not happen for the next half-century for only 7% of people actually read eBooks. However the same company which is working on the lending-library, OverDrive is now working with apple on the iPad and it’s app, iBooks.


In my article, ‘Why the Book Business May Soon be the Most Digital of All Media Industries’, I learnt that the aim for eBooks in the US was: by the end of 2010, $966 million in eBooks would have been sold to consumers; and by the end of their five-year forecast of the progression of eBooks, they expected the industry to reach $3 billion (over three times more than what they had just five years ago) which would “forever alter the industry”.

Even though some people are said to prefer proper books, they still have an ‘e-reader’ and they are slowly increasing their amount of digital books in their library. e-book buying falls very low down on this list of how people acquire books. Just 7% of online adults who read books read e-books. But that 7% happens to be a very attractive bunch: they read the most books and spend the most money on books. And here’s the kicker – the average e-book reader already consumes 41% of books in digital form. Oh, and that includes the people who don’t have an e-reader yet, which is nearly half of them. For those that have a Kindle or other e-reader, they read 66% of their books digitally.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Below was my inspiration for me to start stop motion animation.
Please watch it really is quite spectacular
iPad vs. Kindle, which is better as an ebook reader

This is a real tough question, iPad or Kindle? The iPad has some really good advantages such as the applications and the built in microphone. And the Amazon Kindle also has some advantages such as the dictionary, the keyboard and the eBook reader. So, which one’s better, iPad or Kindle?

Readability: Winner Amazon Kindle

Even though the iPad’s IPS LCD screen has technically contrasts a lot more than the Kindle, it manages an excellent way of reading, even through direct sunlight. And the lack of a 60Hz refresh rate makes it easier on the eyes over many hours.

Graphics: Winner Apple iPad

After a win by the Amazon Kindle, I have to say the Kindle has pretty rubbish graphics. It just makes any old newspaper like a technological triumph. For magazines and other stuff like that, the Kindle truly can’t compare.

Portability: Winner Amazon Kindle

I have to admit they’re both really good and they can both fit even in a packed schoolbag, but when it comes to compare, the Kindle wins by miles! Measuring only 0.34 inches and 8.7 ounces, the Kindle makes the 0.5 inch-thick and 24 ounce iPad feel really heavy.

Battery Life: Winner Amazon Kindle

The iPad itself holds an impressive amount of 10hrs of charge, but to read a book it’s not enough and to charge it up again it will take another 10hrs. However, the Amazon Kindle holds up to a mammoth amount of 10 DAYS! And the 3G? Three weeks.

Library: Winner Apple iPad

You could count forever comparing Apple’s iTunes book library to Amazon’s Kindle library, but the simple fact is this: The Kindle can only access Amazon’s library, the iPad can access Apple’s iTunes store, the Amazon Kindle store, Barnes & Noble’s Nook library, and more, all through apps.

Price: Winner Amazon Kindle
The Kindle is sold at a price of $139 for a Wi-Fi only version, and $189 for a version with lifetime 3G access for downloading books on the go. The cheapest Wi-Fi iPad runs for $499, and the 3G $629 plus data charges of at least $15 monthly by AT&T.

Overall Winner: Amazon Kindle

Ok, yes it’s true. The Amazon Kindle is better than the iPad in reading books. But that’s only in reading books, don’t forget.
Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad

Obviously most people are thinking “Well it’s an iPad, of course it’s better.” Well Samsung has unleashed a new power……. The NEW Samsung Galaxy Tab!
But how does it do against the iPad, well….

Display: Winner Apple iPad

The iPad incorporates a touch-sensitive IPS display that measures 9.7 inches across. It is undoubtedly an amazing screen, boasting a resolution of 768 x 1,024 pixels.
Samsung has gone for a slightly smaller display in the Galaxy Tab but it still is an impressive amount of 7 inches. All in all, the Galaxy Tab is 600 x 1,024 pixels o it makes the iPad win this round. And of course, it’s HD!

Size & Weight: Winner Samsung Galaxy Tab

Despite its size, the Apple iPad measures 242.8 x 189.7 x 13.4 mm and weighs 680g altogether (it feels a lot lighter when you put it on your hands). With its 7-inch display, the Galaxy Tab is obviously a lot smaller.
Samsung's quoted dimensions are 190.09 x 120.45 x 11.98mm, which makes it thinner than Apple's device. The Galaxy Tab weighs 380g so it is nearly half the iPad’s weight.

We say that it is a draw because The Galaxy Tab is more portable, has Android, is a better book and has a video caller. The iPad is HD ready, got a better system and is the bigger version of the Galaxy Tab. It is supposed to be a computer without a keyboard that has things like apps as well as the iPhone.

Wireless: Winner Samsung Galaxy Tab

This is considering you buy the simple WiFi+3G iPad. Galaxy has arguably better connectivity and you can make phone calls and send and receive SMS/MMS and there is very good wireless and Bluetooth.

Storage: Winner Galaxy Tab (Let’s call it a draw)

Both Products have many options depending on how much you want to spend.

Camera: Galaxy Tab (obviously iPad doesn’t have one)

Though the new iPad coming out after Christmas will have one plus much, much more.

Overall Decision: Draw

We say that it is a draw because The Galaxy Tab is more portable, has Android, is a better book and has a video caller. The iPad is HD ready, got a better system and is the bigger version of the Galaxy Tab. It is supposed to be a computer without a keyboard that has things like apps as well as the iPhone.

They’ve both got good stuff in it and the decisions are often controversial, However, if you ask me, I would by the iPad after Christmas because of the iPad’s beautiful design and its sheer simplicity both in the design and in the OS. Plus there will be many additions (We’ll post this later). But that’s just me!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Mac Book Air

The MacBook Air is the next generation for Macs, A lot thinner in size yet still it is much
better and updated. The beauty and advanced technology from the iPad was carried
and it now, finally, has reached the Mac.
Now let's talk about storage. On the MacBook Air Apple has created a new type of
storage, Flash Storage. This is a miniature microchip with 32GB in each chip which
gives 90% more space for other vital bits like a bigger battery.
Talking about batteries, the MacBook Air has an incredible life-span. If you looked
inside a MacBook Air, you would see something remarkable. Thanks to flash storage
which gives it a bigger battery, an 11-inch MacBook has a 5 hour life-span and up to 7
hours on the 13-inch model!
Also from the iPad, the MacBook has met multiple-touch which allows you to tap, pinch,
swipe, drag, rotate, and scroll for multiple reasons.
Two new features have been bought to the MacBook. NVIDIA GeForce Graphics
and Intel Core 2 duo processors. MacBook features NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics
processor-the same used in the 13-inch MacBook Pro. With a performance boost
of over 2x that of the previous MacBook, the NVIDIA graphics processor provides
outstanding speed and power for browsing photos, watching movies or playing games.
MacBook weighs less than 3 pounds, but it is heavyweight where it counts. Intel Core
2 Duo processors get the job done fast. So you can be every bit productive-but in more
A proper laptop needs wireless connection anywhere. That's when the MacBook Air
comes in. It has 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. With all this equipment, it
allows you to browse the web, send e-mail and print documents. It also let's you to
download music, videos and-coming soon with the Mac App Store, applications.
Now let's talk about what's on the MacBook. Well there is a FaceTime camera so you
can communicate with your friends, just like a mobile (Except you can see their faces).
And finally, the price. Everything that I've just told you for $999 only!
So what are you waiting for? Get your own MacBook today!

11- and 13-inch MacBook Air right side

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Review (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

Genre: 3rd Person Action Adventure, Open World, Free-Roaming
Rating: PEGI - 18+

The Assassin’s Creed franchise is back and this time your back with Ezio in the animus, but this time, nearly all of the game is set in Rome.  Also, there is a brand new multi-player game mode which is very unique.  The main worry about the game are that it is not too different from Assassin’s Creed 2 and that what it does change is only small tweaks.

Firstly, the single-player,  this is a direct follow on to Assassin’s Creed 2 and this time Ezio, is a bit older and a bit wiser now, is trying to remove the Templar influence from Rome.  Along side this runs Desmond in the present and there are a few bits of gameplay with Desmond (although I did want more) and a big twist at the end.  I did find the plot less engaging than AC 2’s but the improved aspects of gameplay make up for this. The secret locations, additional memories and the views of Renaissance Italy are up to scratch with Assassin’s Creed 2, giving you hours of extra gameplay.  Although the game is almost entirely set in Rome, the amount of space is just right because Rome is about three times the size of Florence is AC 2.  The new additions in the game such as the Assassin’s guild (which can be used to train your own assassin’s to fight with you) and the fact you can ride horses inside Rome fit in well, but they are only tweaks because the guild does what the thieves,  mercenaries and courtesans did back in AC 2.  Finally, the single-player gameplay in AC Brotherhood is a development on AC 2 with a slightly new, more aggressive fighting style and more of the same, loved free-running from AC 2.

Secondly we come on to the brand new multi-player experience in which you play as an Abstergo Agent in an animus, playing as a Templar back in the early 1500s.  This is fun for a bit but the novelty does wear off, showing the repetitive nature of the game and how it is in need of some development.

To finish off, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is a great development on the previous titles in the series and although it lacks anything new, it makes and excellent “AC 2.5”.  I would recommend this to anyone who has played and enjoyed the previous two in the series and anyone who wants a game they can take at their own pace whether they want to roam the streets (or rooftops) of Rome or get immersed in the unique multi-player.  I give Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood a solid rating of 8.5/10